A Real-World Frillom Lamp on Earth

Check out this spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe. It's like a Nenmaran frillom lamp, except for generating electric power. The best of Earth and Nenmar together.

Technology Prediction Hits and Misses

It occurred to me that, since around the year 2000 when I was writing Penna the Alien Earthling, technology has advanced further than I had anticipated in some areas—and not advanced as far as I had anticipated in other areas.

Ready to start recording soon

I'll be doing some readings from my written works. I'm almost ready to start. It's taken some time to get my system in place for professional grade recording. That's mainly consisted of providing enough sound dampening material around my recording space, but that's in place now. You should start seeing some things in the Audio → Readings area to listen to soon.

Real Human with actual "Nenmaran Eyes"

Stumbled across this article today, entitled "Boy’s Eyes Glow In The Dark, See In Night Vision." It's complete with eyes that glow in the dark. This characteristic tracks closely with the scenes in Earth Alien where Nennef is surrounded by Nenmarans with glowing eyes. mcw

Now available for the Kindle—all three titles of the Earth Alien Trilogy

They're there, ready for you to read samples from the actual pages in your web browser. You can download to your Kindle any or all of the three titles in the original Earth Alien Trilogy and start reading your own copy right away.
  1. The first book, Earth Alien, ASIN: B006R0YAPS
  2. The second book, Penna the Alien Earthling, ASIN: B006R0YCTM
  3. The third book, Familiar Aliens, ASIN: B006LR5V8M
Enjoy these three—they provide the background for the continuing story and podcast series, under development now. mcw

Familiar Aliens for the Kindle

The e-book containing the complete Familiar Aliens novel, third in the Earth Alien Trilogy, is now available for the Kindle reader. Find it at amazon.com. You also can get the trade paperback format of Familiar Aliens here.

The new EarthAlien.com is now moved into our new home.

The new EarthAlien.com is now standing on its own, and no longer having to share a home page with other domain names. I'm re-titling the site as the Earth Alien Series instead of the earlier Earth Alien Trilogy—this is to reflect the additional content development beyond the three original novels. Let's call it Version 0.1, as there's a lot more work yet to do.

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